The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make When They're Stressed

They ignore the innate skills that have nothing to do with the technical aspects of their job.

The Core Competency Index guides you through an honest assessment of your current competencies and provides you with a specific plan to develop your skills.

The competencies include;

Ability to Empower, Communication Skills, Counseling, Coaching & Training, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Delegation Skills, Drive and Persistence, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Identifying and Solving Problems, Involving Others, Managing and Prioritizing Time, Managing Change, Managing Interruptions, Negotiating Skills, Organizational Skills, Planning and Scheduling Work, Proactive Thinking, Resolving Conflict, Setting Goals and Standards, Stress Management, Temperament & Disposition, Thinking Clearly and Analytically, Tolerance, Empathy and Understanding, Visualizing the Future

Within the 30-page report are recommended overall improvements for twenty-five categories and ways to strengthen or improve each competency. Valuable information for personal or professional development plans.

Great for

  • Individual Contributors
  • Emerging Leaders
  • New Teams
  • Leaders Facing Change
  • Small Business Owners
  • Executives
  • Anyone in need of a fresh perspective.

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