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Hey! It's Karl,

You're looking for answers to your leadership questions. You want to improve relationships with your team, or want a sounding board; but as a busy professional and leader, you've had days when you've thrown up your arms and did NOT know what to say or do.

Was it a communication issue with your team or vendors?

Maybe you wanted to make a significant change in the process but didn't know how to get started successfully.

I know what it's like to struggle in these areas because busy professionals ask me dozens of specific leadership questions nearly every day!

It's difficult because there's so much conflicting information out there. One leadership guru says hustle and grind, another says work smart for just a few hours a week. Whom are you going to believe?

To me, you can never go wrong with someone who understands what you, as an ambitious, busy professional, are going through.

The good news …

I'm willing to coach you through ANY leadership situation and help you to manage better and lead well, guaranteed!


  • You want to rekindle your personal and professional values,
  • You want to know the best ways to set great goals,
  • You've been neglecting your self-leadership and want to get back on track,
  • You want to know how to tell if your mindset and attitude are in the right place,
  • You're not sure when to share your mission and vision,
  • Or anything else.

There are so many different questions and situations that come up.

I'll coach you step-by-step-via email so that you feel confident and grow your influence and effectiveness.

You'll never get lame cliches like "work smarter, not harder" or "follow your passion" from me. Those words come from well-meaning but ineffective people. It's my business and mission to get you RESULTS.

Let me help you.


Apply for this program today. Note that I reserve the right to accept you into the program, or refund your money, depending on whether I think you're serious and whether you'll use this opportunity to manage better and lead well. Part of my goal is to help reduce the impact of lousy leaders, so if you start acting like an ass and using my advice to mistreat others, I'm not going to continue to work with you.


Here's what you get:

  • Up to 10 emails per month - where I'll personally respond within 48 hours.
  • Candid, unfiltered feedback with exact instructions on what to do or say!
  • VIP pass to me so that your email gets answered fast.
  • Ask anything you want! Self-leadership, One-on-one leadership, Team leadership, Goal setting, Strategy, Accountability. Nothing is off-limits. I've heard it all!

When you apply to this program, you'll receive an email with a link. Answer the questions to help better facilitate our communications.


The special introductory price is $99 for each month, and you can cancel at any time.

You'll know how to respond professionally in ANY situation, and gain the confidence that comes from that while avoiding the pain of being thought of as a lousy leader.

And best of all, feeling the ongoing confidence in your leadership capability that you desire.

It's up to you. Get started today. I'll look forward to your first email.


Remember, a leader who is curious, empathetic, and devoted to continual improvement will become the most effective leader of their organization. Start to become that leader today!

The Advantages of Email-based Leadership Coaching

Email-based Leadership Coaching is useful if …

  • You have specific leadership issues you want professional assistance with;
  • You want basic-level but continuous and personalized support from Karl Bimshas Consulting in developing relevant leadership skills, mindset, or strategies;
  • You can make a small financial commitment but still want to get a lot of value.

Many people are attracted to email-based leadership coaching for one or more of the following reasons:

  • It is less expensive and more convenient than coaching via phone or face to face;
  • You can email Karl Bimshas Consulting anytime you want during your coaching period and get a response within 48 hours;
  • Some people feel more comfortable communicating via email as they have plenty of time to think before putting their thoughts into words and pressing send;
  • You can save your emails to review anytime you need inspiration or astute insights.

What I’ve noticed about Karl is his ability to ask insightful questions that bring new wisdom to the table — something every executive needs.”

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