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Effective Communication is crucial for any kind of success, so you would think people would take it more seriously.

Many people cite listening as the most important thing leaders could get better at doing.


“Nobody teaches this stuff,” you might be saying to yourself. Well, plenty of people do, but you, like many other busy professionals, have been too distracted to notice.


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Get a primer (or review) of different leadership styles in action based on DISC.


DISC is a widespread behavior style analysis model used in many organizations. There are fours styles represented.


DOMINANCE or “D” Style is focused on RESULTS


INFLUENCE or “I” Style is focused on COMMUNICATION


STEADINESS or “S” Style is focused on RELATIONSHIPS


CONSCIENTIOUSNESS or “C” Style is focused on QUALITY


When you sign up for the DISC STYLES “Explain That Behavior” Email Series, you will learn:


◼︎ The strengths and weaknesses of each style

◼︎ The goals and fears of each style

◼︎ How to identify each style at work

◼︎ How each style communicates with the team

◼︎ How each style creates team goals

◼︎ How each style uses influence in a team setting

◼︎ How each style involves others on a team

◼︎ How each style makes decisions on a team


This an excellent way for you to learn about the unique behaviors of yourself and other people. It will heighten your awareness and improve your communication.


If you already know your DISC style, this series serves as a good review to reinforce your understanding. If you’ve never heard of DISC, this will give you a good introduction.


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