We work with busy professionals - most often those who are underestimated and underrepresented in leadership roles.


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    You are a creative solopreneur, emerging leader, or self-improvement minded, and you need an external perspective on your leadership development to focus on a challenge that has been holding you back because you want to be thought of as more than an individual contributor. You want to raise your leadership in your field.

    • Find, set, and achieve a specific leadership improvement goal in your current circumstances,
    • Learn which essential leadership skills you lack and improve your ongoing self-leadership

    Imagine achieving your personal goals and ridding yourself of imposters syndrome.


    1. Apply via the Leadership Questionnaire.
    2. Schedule a face-to-face meeting or phone call with Karl Bimshas Consulting to review your aspirations and set direction.
    3. Develop objectives for the month that will move you closer to accomplishing your self-leadership goal.

    Small Business Owner

    You are a new or resurgent leader, small business owner, or the manager of a large team and you need leadership development to help you meet pressing, on the job challenges you are currently facing because failing to improve is implicitly or explicitly holding you back from better opportunities; you want to avoid career/business derailment.

    • Identify your leadership development opportunities while simultaneously working on real-time business needs,
    • Uncover your preferred and adapted leadership style,
    • Improve essential leadership skills related to your unique requirements.

    Imagine achieving your personal goals and ridding yourself of imposters syndrome.


    1. Fill out the Leadership Discovery Questionnaire and schedule a face-to-face meeting or phone call with Karl Bimshas Consulting.
    2. Decide 1-3 core leadership objectives.
    3. Take the DISC Leadership behavior assessment and review results to plan appropriate actions.


    You are a business owner, division leader, or experiencing growth challenges with your team and you need to enhance team leadership capability with a practical combination of strategic and tactical models that will bring about team cohesion because, without intervention, you or the team are likely to flounder, revolt, and suffer poor performance.

    • Properly manage a diverse group of people while strengthening their interpersonal relationships and communication,
    • Identify leadership behavior styles and see a 360 degree perspective of your leadership,
    • Maximize performance with essential leadership skills to expand team confidence, support, and accountability.

    Imagine confidently creating a vision for your team and taking them to the next level.


    1. Complete the Leadership Goal-Setting Questionnaire and meet to discuss goals and potential organizational limitations.
    2. Review your mission, vision, and values for alignment.
    3. Schedule leadership assessments for yourself and your team.