A 30-Day Journal to View Your World Differently

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Use this 30-day journal to reflect on your current beliefs, challenge your assumptions, and better know yourself.

Each day you'll find something to think about and an action to take. Hopefully, you will learn ways to manage better, lead well, and act on purpose, not by accident.

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If you have never written in a journal before, start small and make a micro-commitment each day.

Use Perspectives to reflect for a few minutes. Review your progress or get inspired to kickstart the day.

Are you getting what you dream about?

People talk themselves out of their dreams way too easily. Naturally, that hurts, so they often self-medicate for relief. What if instead, people tried harder to live their dream? It might be time to examine where you are and where you're headed.

This 30-day Perspectives Journal attempts to turn the tide by presenting a daily thought or idea for you to consider.

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