Strengthen Your Leadership Without Becoming a Jerk

A workbook for new leaders and leaders needing a renewal


  • Leadership or Management?
  • Leadership Development Worksheet and Action Plan
  • Check Your Alignment
  • Goal Matrix and Inspection
  • Courage and Moral Leadership
  • Leadership Scorecard
  • Drafting Your Leadership Point of View.
  • Develop Your User Guide
  • Plus More!

This free workbook helps you lead yourself, your team, organization, or business better through unusual times.

The world needs stronger leadership, and I know you want to be a confident, competent leader in your field without becoming a jerk. The tools in this workbook will help you.
Strengthen Your Leadership Without Becoming a Jerk
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Leadership Development and Accountability that helps busy professionals be confident, competent leaders in their field without becoming jerks.

The tools to help you manage better and lead well

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