Some of the great things people are saying about Karl Bimshas


Karl Bimshas Consulting works with busy professionals - most often those who are underestimated and underrepresented in leadership roles.


"I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of one of Karl Bimshas’ leadership workbooks, and it helped me self-reflect on the type of leadership legacy I would like to leave. The books are interactive and thought provoking, I highly recommend."

- Sally Meseret

"Karl Bimshas has done the work and continues to document what’s working and what’s not in the leadership development field. I have personally experienced his passion and diligence in his work on a couple direct and indirect projects, I gotta say, he is like a leadership encyclopedia. Take advantage of his insights and wisdom while he is assessable!"

- Chris Hoffmann | The Ambitious VET Network


“My bi-monthly meetings with Karl was time well spent! He offered me a wide array of tools and advice which actively helped me become a better leader. My supervisor is highly impressed by the improvement projects I’ve started and by the sustained quality of the site which I manage – all of which were born amid my partnership with Karl.”
- Joey Canales | San Diego

“Karl Bimshas has been extremely helpful in supporting me as I try to pursue a different career path and vision. He is highly knowledgeable in business planning, and taking into consideration individual personal values, skills, and behavior/personality traits in order to best accomplish a goal.
Karl truly takes the time with his clients and is extremely comprehensive in his consultations and follow up. Working with Karl has been extremely insightful and helpful in highlighting my personal skills, values, and purpose in order to develop the strategy and structure I need as I try to pursue an unconventional direction for my career and life.”
- Abby W. | San Diego

“Karl helped me navigate to my purpose in such a profound way that I was actually speechless. The process works! It led me to a purpose that was so obvious when it was discovered, yet had somehow remain hidden in me. Through the compass project, Karl led me through a path of many twists and turns, but ended up putting me exactly where I need to be. It was a truly amazing exercise and experience and I highly recommend it for anyone who feels rudderless in their quest to find their purpose. I feel renewed and as Karl often says, “Lit up.”

- Bobbi R. | Boston

“When Karl first asked if we wanted to be a leader in my field, I thought ‘no way’! I simply want to write my books, make money and go about my life making no waves. But the question kept nagging at me. Is that all I wanted from my career? Have I not always been a leader through example? Do I not want to lead in the fields I write about? Eventually, I realized that I did want more. And Karl was the one to get me there.
After two consultations, I was blown away with how much I had to learn. But more than that, I was thankful and impressed with how much knowledge Karl has to convey. And here is the clincher–he is easy to understand. Everything nugget of information is given in a way that I can digest, process, and utilize. We go through the steps of what it will take for me to reach my goals. We do an overview to ensure that everything and anything that I can handle is being done. The process is then integrated into my life.
Now my career path is set to turn my dreams into my reality. There is no wondering how on earth I will ever get what I want. Karl has been giving me the know-how, and I am becoming leader in my field.”
- Heather Leigh | Author


“Karl’s empowerment makes me achieve goals that I wouldn’t if I hadn’t found him. I feel that every time I consult with him, a bright light opens and I feel safe going through the tunnel of achievement. He does an amazing job putting me on the right track when I’m lost with my businesses.”
- Fabiola Gomes | San Diego

“Karl not only helped me by asking the hard questions I never had the courage to ask myself, but he’s helped me to see within myself the purpose that drives me to do what I do. He continually helps me bring my vision into focus each time I’m lost. I can’t thank him enough for his support, guidance, and brilliant coaching. And not to mention he’s a joy to work with, I always have fun chatting with him.”
- Stephanie Owen | San Francisco

“I’ve been working with Karl for just a week, and my life and business has already changed for the better. Thanks for your clear guidance, and for helping me to create better habits. I’m on my way to becoming my own “better boss” and appreciate your mentoring in the process!”
- Teri Wilder | San Diego

“With Karl, I know I’m going to get a better understanding of myself and colleagues, which helps to facilitate better communication and productivity.”
- Mike Mance | Mance Creative

“Karl is amazing about not only being an accountability partner for you but also making you accountable to yourself. He helps you to map out your goals and aspirations and then shows you how to get there. If you should find yourself in need of guidance Karl is an excellent choice.”
- Chris Filasky | Lineage Lending

“Karl is an excellent listener. He is easy to be with and provides his clients with the necessary tools for great leadership.”
- Jeff Gelder | San Diego

“What I’ve noticed about Karl is his ability to ask insightful questions that bring new wisdom to the table — something every executive needs.”
- Karen Dietz | Just Story It!


“Many executive coaches focus on feel-good phrases. Karl Bimshas is different. His methods allow you to become confident and fluent in your leadership through action planning, accountability, execution, and in-flight course correction when necessary.”
- Shannon J. Johnson | PharmD

“Karl is a master at helping you gain self-awareness. Our discussions via telephone have been very productive and provide well-placed focus on purposeful actions and outcomes.”
- Fundraising Director

“Karl has a keen understanding of what is most important in an organization to measure. By creating a picture of success, he is able to then match a process that will support the picture of success as well as create success metrics for the organization.
- Frank M. | COO

“Karl is a strategic thinker who looks at opportunities in many different ways and will challenge the status quo in an effort to continuously improve things. He has the ability to build consensus and influence others in an effort to meet the business needs.”
- VP Client Operations | Arizona

“Karl has a keen aptitude in evaluating, then tailoring, a sales approach that focuses on what the customer challenge is and how to best address it. I learned a great deal from his ability to craft proposals that truly speak to solutions without unnecessary complications.”
- Michael G. | Architect

“Karl had a profound impact on my development as a leader and a manager. I would not have developed aptitudes in the right direction without his guidance.”
- Operations Manager | Florida​​​

"Karl has a wealth of knowledge and insight on leadership topics. There are a lot of phonies out there. Karl is the real thing!"

- Dave Ray | Mind Masters South Bay


“Karl is a fantastic listener and able to relate to all aspects of my professional and personal challenges. With Karl’s guidance I have been able to personally work to break down obstacles and find meaning and purpose to my actions.”
- Executive Director | Hawaii

“I didn’t have a plan nor did I know where to start. Karl listened to my thoughts, aspirations and helped me direct that into real action.”
- Director | San Diego

“Karl believed in me and honored the artist in me. He was genuinely enthusiastic. He’s an artist himself…that in and of itself goes a long way.”
- Kathleen Michelle McPherson | Author

“Karl brought my passion and truth into form with his brilliant vision of creating masterpieces. His guidance encouraged my inner truth to shine with clarity.”
- N.J. Betancourt | Author

“Karl digs deep, discovering your motivations and values, so you are grounded and guided when making decisions. He moves you along the plane of your goal, from inception, to revision, to achievement.”
- Jenny Christopher


“ It took me to places I wasn’t expecting and gave me tools that will help the inevitable process of change go smoother. The intimate setting is perfect for more one on one coaching. I would highly recommend it.”

“Karl Bimshas is more than a guide for leaders. He is a powerful teacher and brings a depth of understanding of people and business to his workshops, coaching, and interactions. And his sense of humor make it all easy to digest.”

“I really appreciated the clarity that the workshop provided, as well as new ideas on how to move through change with greater ease and insight, whether the change is personal, business, or simply life happening. I highly recommend any of Karl Bimshas’ workshops. He’s a great instructor!”

“I walked away with a stronger sense of purpose.”


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