“Women on the Rise”

Karl Bimshas, Leadershirts Plus

DALL-E2 AI Project

Karl Bimshas

The praise of hateful zealots who wrestle with the truth for power is sick. The rampant assaults on democracy, body autonomy, national sovereignty, and the right to privacy reveal the rising tide of autocracy.

The formidable counterweight is the rise of brave women who no longer tolerate the usual crap and demand freedom, justice, and life. Fools bet against these women.

You’re no fool; you know the difference between fact and fiction, justice and injustice, liberty and subjugation.

You believe in effective leadership, and you support women, freedom, autonomy, and choice.

You call out authoritarianism.

You reject theocracy.

You support democracy.

You challenge, disrupt, and reduce the negative influence of lousy leaders through your attitude, actions, and support because that is what great leaders do.