How Do You Define Leadership?

"When social influence maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal, you have leadership."

That’s one definition of leadership; ask 99 other people, and you’ll get 99 more. What’s important is your definition, and how or if you choose to develop it further.

  • What's your specific leadership objective over the next 3-6 months?
  • Where do you feel you’re lacking or have fear, uncertainty, or doubt?
  • How are you meeting the challenges of a new team or one that is working remotely from you?

There’s no shortage of lousy leaders people could point to; let’s make sure no one is pointing at you.

This is your invitation to explore a Leadership Development and Accountability Agreement with
Karl Bimshas Consulting.

Let's define your wants and needs first.

1. Start by reviewing your goals.

Many busy professionals find great value in the Leadership Goal Setting survey. Some realize they aren’t ready for professional coaching, while a significant number gain newfound focus. After you submit the survey, I’ll personally review it and get back in touch with you.

Leadership Goal-Setting Questionnaire​

2. If you feel like you have your leadership under control and don’t need anything from me, I would sincerely appreciate your referral to a friend, family member, or colleague (preferably someone you know, like, and trust.)

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3. If this is all a miss and you don’t want or need any leadership development and accountability help, and can’t think of anyone who does, click here, so I don’t bother you with this type of request in the future.

REMEMBER: The Leadership Goal-Setting Questionnaire is free.

Even if we decide to never work together, the questions will help you uncover a lot of information about yourself and your leadership goals.

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