No, Your Customers Don’t All Love You

Whenever I hear an entrepreneur or executive describe how much their customers love them, I cringe. I am reminded of a recent research study … [Read more...]

Cultivating Success

Last week I had a delightful discussion with a colleague about our individual writing processes. As we talked between sips of coffee, it … [Read more...]

Your Management Control Book: Part One

If you want to manage better and lead well, you have to take deliberate action. One tool that is critical for effective managers is the … [Read more...]

Check Your Alignment

This weekend, as you wind down from one season and prepare for the next, invest a few moments in yourself and do the following alignment … [Read more...]

Get a Better Handle on Your Week

Ready to get a better handle on your week? Don't make a to-do list; you have already got plenty of those. Instead, grab your calendar and … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Manage Better and Lead Well

  Here's a special delivery for you today.    1. You become what you think about most often.  2. Continually upgrade your … [Read more...]

Stop Wasting Your Talent

A case for your personal and professional development   The average person spends more time and money on activities that … [Read more...]

Psst, There’s No “Secret Sauce” to Better Leadership

Do you remember the business environment in 2008? It was a big transition year, with a presidential election filled with uncertainty and the … [Read more...]

Why Good Leaders Must Disrupt, Dismantle and Destroy the Practice of Lousy Leadership

As a culture, we need to provide better leadership development and accountability to bolster the essential skills and effectiveness of … [Read more...]

What Do I Give As A Leader?

Part Three of a series Effective leaders know it's not about them; it's about those they lead. This series is for busy professionals who … [Read more...]

How Can I Lead Better?

Part Two of a series As an effective leader you are asking yourself that question on a regular basis. This series is for busy … [Read more...]

Find 60 Ways to Get Your It Together

Modern leaders and managers live with uncertainty. The difference is, the uncertainty does not immobilize them, it emboldens them. The tools … [Read more...]

Fathers and Leadership

For Father’s Day, I’m posting four essays that I’ve written over the years about leadership and ways my father and grandfathers have … [Read more...]

How Can I Become a Better Leader?

Part One of a series If you are a leader, I hope you are asking yourself that question on a regular basis. If not, I would question your … [Read more...]

How to Derail Your Career

Five sadly common ways promising managers limit their potential.   Betraying Personal Trust As a manager, you will find … [Read more...]

What Skills Should I Improve?

Regardless of your occupation, you should always be working on improving your skills. Choosing not to would be reckless and invite career … [Read more...]

Background Work to Start Planning Your Career, No Matter Where in Your Career You Are

  It is graduation season, and whether you are finishing off college, high school, or reminiscing about when you did, those many … [Read more...]

Letting Someone Else Prepare Your Personal Developmental Plan Makes It Theirs, Not Yours

While there are tons of internal and external resources to help you build your personal development plan, the only person who should be … [Read more...]

In Which One of These Five Areas Could You Lead Better?

If leadership is the ability to influence the behavior of others. Leadership skill could be defined behaviorally by a range of activities … [Read more...]

Low Commitment, High Impact Online Coaching Plans

Grab a shot of inspiration.   … [Read more...]

Do You Help Others Who Are Lost?

Let’s pretend you’re in a strange city and are running late for an appointment. Suddenly you realize you’re lost, and the street signs don't … [Read more...]

Your Business Might Have a Code of Conduct, But Do You?

I believe busy professionals should have a personal compass to follow. It does not need to be something as grand as a manifesto, though I do … [Read more...]

Still Struggling to Find your Passion? Get Angry.

  I’ve been posting quick (under two minute) leadership questions, tips and thought starters on Anchor. If you’re on that … [Read more...]

How to Find the Best Reward and Recognition for People

I’m starting to post quick (under two minute) leadership questions, tips and thought starters on Anchor. If you’re there I hope you’ll dip … [Read more...]

Here’s a challenge. Compliment people today. Sincerely.

I’m starting to post quick (under two minute) leadership questions, tips and thought starters on Anchor. If you’re there I hope you’ll dip … [Read more...]

How Are You Planning Your Week?

I'm starting to post quick (under two minute) leadership questions, tips and thought starters on Anchor. If you're there I hope you'll dip … [Read more...]

How to Reflect: “Huh? No Duh. A-ha!”

Busy professionals are notorious for not making time to reflect on their activities. “Too busy,” they say. Which is an ineffective … [Read more...]

Your whole life has prepared you for today …

This and other quotes in Leaders Don't Shrug = >   … [Read more...]

How to Manage Poor Attitudes & Negativity in the Workplace

Checkout this great Infographic by Quill, designed by Ghergich & Co. about attitudes at work. Which ones have you brought and how can … [Read more...]

New Book – Leaders Don’t Shrug

I'd like to introduce you to my latest book.   Leaders Don't Shrug; Advice for Busy Professionals is a collection of quick reminders, … [Read more...]

8 Ways Working with Karl Bimshas Consulting Can Make you Better

1. Know Yourself Better Choose from several assessments like DISC, the most widely used behavior profiling tool of its kind, supported by … [Read more...]

You Hate Your Job

An extended excerpt from, "How to Stay When You Want to Quit; Strategies to get over yourself" by Karl Bimshas Clicking keyboards keys, … [Read more...]

4 Ways to be Less of a Fool and More of a Leader

Social media is awash in manager versus boss memes and ideal leadership infographics. Maybe they make you feel good for a little while … [Read more...]

Charter Excellence Ahead of Time

Most people say they want to achieve high performance. A smaller number will actually put in the effort to achieve that goal. When pressed, … [Read more...]

4 Triggers for Workplace Dysfunction

There are four common triggers I regularly see playing out in the workplace. Yes, there are plenty of others, but these four are … [Read more...]

Learning Journal

As a leader, do you have a personal or professional learning plan, or do you think you're fine as is? For the near-term you might be okay, … [Read more...]

Directors Direct

When I was a sophomore at Emerson College, one of my courses had me direct a short video production. The College, with its strong, “learn by … [Read more...]

Where to Start Your Leadership Development

You want to improve your leadership, but you are not quite sure where to start. Consider your answers to these five questions. Direction … [Read more...]

Deconstructing Indecision

People regularly underestimate the importance of knowing their values and having a purpose or personal mission to follow. To me, these are … [Read more...]

Know Why Privately

The question 'why?', like alcohol, is not inherently good or bad on its own. For some, it can help foster celebration. For others, it can … [Read more...]

Boost Your Goals

By now all the pressure to identify your 2016 goals has passed. You either have them, or you don't. If you don't, it's not too late. You can … [Read more...]

Kiva Lending Team

There is no shortage of worthy charitable organizations who could benefit from additional support. Part of my mission is to help find and … [Read more...]

Three Actions that will Make you a Stronger Leader

Adopt these three principles and your communication with others will be clearer, and your results will be greater. Working in tandem, they … [Read more...]

Start with Purpose. Always.

Busy professionals often feel anxious because far too many are not acting on purpose, or their values do not align with the organization. … [Read more...]

Your Checklist for Success in 2016

  Confirm your Values. Where you spend your time and money is a clue as to what you currently value. Need to make a change? Commit … [Read more...]

Managing Disappointment

Fear of disappointment is debilitating and corrosive to living the life you want.   The potential for external disappointment can … [Read more...]

What is your biggest roadblock …

It is easy to get aggravated. The reward comes from not getting aggravated. I am not there yet, but you might be able to help. My … [Read more...]

Have You Met Your Goals

Did you make a shopping list before you ran your errands? Did you create a packing list when you last traveled? Did you work off a … [Read more...]

Maybe You Didn’t Achieve Your Goals Because They Sucked

  As someone who works on leadership development and accountability, it is my job to call out BS and to help align what people say … [Read more...]

10 Steps to a Better Personal Plan

During this last month of the year, I am going to be sharing topics around goal-setting and building a useful personal plan. My ardent … [Read more...]

Make Better Goals

Use this checklist. You're worth the effort. … [Read more...]

Solve Bigger Problems

My primary focus and daily activity is to exchange astute insights with entrepreneurs and executives who want to dramatically improve how … [Read more...]

Too Poor to Afford Cheap Things

I spent time with my Dad on Cape Cod over the last couple of weeks, and somehow we got to talking about furniture. I shared my dismay over … [Read more...]

20 Ways to Go Forth; Lead Well

You may be starting a new endeavor in your life or have simply decided to adopt a new attitude. You want to get started on the right foot … [Read more...]

For the Love of Meetings and Road Trips

In some circles, it is sacrilegious to say it, but I love meetings. Granted, I have a broad definition of a meeting. It is where two or more … [Read more...]

Assess Your Self-Management

Working for yourself, being your own boss, can be alluring and liberating. Liberty enamors us, as it should; however, responsibility rests … [Read more...]

Hire a New Boss

Many managers are under appreciated. They endure direct reports endlessly complaining about everything from salary to the temperature of the … [Read more...]

Blunt Leadership Essays

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Blunt Leadership Essays Leadership Development Consultant, Karl Bimshas releases a second collection of … [Read more...]

Better Leadership in the Cards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Better Leadership in the Cards Leadership development firm, Karl Bimshas Consulting, launches "The … [Read more...]

Rule of Three

I have a personal operating principle I call my rule of threes. I am sure, based on my background, that it is deeply influenced by the … [Read more...]

Growing Confidence and Support

We are each ultimately responsible for our level of confidence and support on any given task in our lives. Be it at home, work, or anywhere … [Read more...]

Revisit Plan A

The summer between my college freshman and sophomore years I worked behind a customer service desk at a neighborhood bank. While there I … [Read more...]

Be Less of a Jerk

Be less of a jerk. That may be the most simplistic leadership advice you'll ever receive. Why then, is it so difficult to … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Personal User’s Guide?

If you did not come with a user’s guide, write one. You might think working with you is a dream. You are in your head all day, so, you know … [Read more...]

Your Uniqueness

What makes you unique? There are some people who revel in that question and have no problem running through a litany of attributes and … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 7/26/15

Stop Planning Plans organize your thoughts and resources. They are a half step better than an idea. Ideas and plans are the beginning, … [Read more...]

Do You Recognize Them?

The people you work with like different things. How do you learn what those things are? Ask. Survey and then talk to your direct … [Read more...]

Leadership Calling

In many ways, modern leadership has become a caricature of itself. Our curiosity to define it, our vigor to pursue it, and our zeal to … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 6/28/15

Lead Like You Mean It Leadership is not a passive activity. Every decision gets made, not deferred.  Leaders do not scroll through … [Read more...]

10 Prompts to Challenge Your Perspective

People in our society talk themselves out of their dreams way too easily. That hurts, so they often take a pill for relief. What if people … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 6/21/15

You can not invest all your resources in everything. You will not solve every problem at once. Determine what you can afford and invest … [Read more...]

Abandoning Common Sense

Typically hard-charging, with little patience for covering the basics, it is understandable why many busy professionals have given up on … [Read more...]

Get Your Ships Together

Dreams, aspirations, and goals stimulate our imagination, but they are not enough for those used to achieving more. Sailing through life … [Read more...]

My Why

When I chose to start my business, I decided to focus on leadership development because there are too many lousy leaders disguising … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 6/1/15

Versatility is not a trait of effective leadership; it is a necessity. Your preference for a particular style (autocratic, collaborative, … [Read more...]

The Definitive List of Characteristics of a Good Leader Doesn’t Exist

I am growing weary of the unrelenting waves of articles, infographics and books on the essential characteristics of a good leader. I am … [Read more...]

Why Does Your Follow-up Suck?

There are two types of follow-up. First, the kind you initiate: “I am calling about the proposal I sent you.” “You committed to that … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 5/3/15

When a problem lingers, it's because what usually works for you isn't working anymore. When the thing you could do to solve it rests outside … [Read more...]

Stop Pretending You Want High Performance

When you first met your direct reports you told them your expectations. You explained that you are firm but fair; your door is always open, … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 4/26/15

Recognize People Along the Way Those who wait for perfection before saying, bravo are a bore. They sarcastically ask, “Am I supposed to … [Read more...]

What Tradition Are You Inadvertently Starting?

The things you do regularly eventually run on autopilot. When you shower, how you drive, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the people … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 4/19/15

Leaders make decisions. Some are easy, some are difficult; none are delayed without a valid reason. If you are having trouble making a … [Read more...]

Elusive Leadership Traits

Pontificating on the key traits of effective leaders has almost become a parlor game for consultants, of which I am not immune. The numbers … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 4/12/15

Leadership starts with you. If you are having trouble following your personal vision, staying on purpose, or taking disciplined and … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 4/5/15

Reduce your costs per hour. This has nothing to do with the rate you earn hourly (annual income divided by 2,080 -- or whatever … [Read more...]

What Makes a Lousy Leader?

What makes a lousy leader? That is easy, they do the opposite of what great leaders do. Not so fast. Our biases forget the differences … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 3/29/15

Commitments have lost their weight. Making a commitment used to mean being dedicated to a cause or action -- no matter what. Good leaders … [Read more...]

Initiate More, Commit to Less

Lack of initiative is because of an abundance of fear. While it is true apathy could play a role, those who do not care are not reading … [Read more...]

Reflections on Leadership 3/22/15

Prepare for success ahead of time. Too many people wait for success before they act. Leaders expect success and treat it like an expected … [Read more...]

Leadership Starts at Home

Think back to the early leaders in your life. I suppose, you could argue that the doctor who delivered you counts, however, most would agree … [Read more...]